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Favorite Artists and Music

Listen to a recent mixshow Marilyn created!  Please go over to her UK radio station to support her!!

Marilyn started spinning in 1975 with a Sparta Console - no variable speed just 45 and 33 controls. She worked many clubs throughout New York State through the mid-90s then went corporate. She was an Announcer, Music Director, Program Director and Operations Manager of two FM stations in the States which led her to create a progressive radio format that featured Global Dance genres and promoted music as a bridge between cultures. That format, named ArtForm Radio, was featured in Billboard Magazine, Mixmag and a few other dance-oriented reporting systems.


Marilyn's remixes (back then we "spliced and diced" tape) have been featured by Megatone and West End Records. Now in retirement, she's rediscovered her love for the craft and - at the ripe old age of 70 - starting up again and producing.

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